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GZR 1637, Malta, Europe.

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Malta’s wonderful seafood options should not go to waste! We are fortunate to have access to a huge range of fresh fish and shellfish. Cooking fish is not as complicated as many people think. More often than not, simple seasonings, a hot frying pan and a squeeze of lemon juice are all that are needed to create a delicious meal.

Those of you who love to experiment in the kitchen should definitely give our recipes a try. These great recipes are thanks to the much-loved local television personality and Azzopardi Fisheries Gzira family member, Doris Azzopardi. From soups and pasta to whole fish and shellfish recipes, you’re spoiled for choice.


For guidance on choosing the fish and suggestions for cooking it, just contact DORIS AZZOPARDI via email or pick up the phone and speak to DORIS or one of her knowledgeable staff.